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Health Insurance with CS Healthcare

Health insurance provides peace of mind for you and your loved ones by covering the cost of your medical expenses in the event of sickness or injury  As personal circumstances are subject to change at very short notice, it is vital that your protection reflects your personal requirements. With a health insurance plan, you could skip long waiting lists and get access to top medical experts and treatments more efficiently. Policies could be set up to cover just you or your family. We are here to help find the perfect plan for you.

CS Healthcare is a specialist provider of low-cost health insurance aimed towards all parts of the Civil Service, Public Sector and not-for-profit organisations. They have been in operation for over eighty years, and as a friendly society without shareholders, the company is able to use any excess funds to retain competitive rates on all of their health insurance premiums. Policies with CS Healthcare also benefit from effective customer support from UK-based call centres, and flexible insurance plans with levels of cover to suit a range of needs.

  • Access to over 300 UK based hospitals.
  • Competitive rates, with a view to making private health care more affordable.
  • Pay nothing for any child under 1 and your first child under the age of 18 is covered for FREE.
  • 94% of customers said they would recommend CS Healthcare to friends or family.

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I thought that my bank would give me the best rates, turns out i saved nearly 25% on what i had been quoted through my bank. Massive saving, thanks!

"Sally Greenham"

My husband and I thought that we wouldn't be able to get a policy at our age, we we were wrong! Thanks again.

"Rachel Morgan"

I had no idea getting health insurance was so easy. Thanks for getting me my quote, it was the best one out there!